About Bike Smartly

I’ve been riding bikes as soon as I learned how to balance without the training wheels and I’ve been riding ever since.

I created this site to share my knowledge about mountain biking with the world and hopefully convince more people to take up the sport. It’s so much fun and I hope everyone that reads this site learns to love it as much as I do.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the pacific northwest in Oregon. Having lived in Bend, OR I was close to many of the best mountain bike trails in the state. I had access to Phil’s trail as well as the Deschutes River trail. Both are amazing trails.

view of the mountains at Papago Park Arizona
View of the mountains at Papago Park Arizona

Later, the family and I moved to Phoenix, AZ. Mountain biking in the desert and Phoenix metro is so much different than that of Oregon. There are steep inclines which lead to steep descents and it’s extremely rocky and sandy on most trails. There’s also the added bonus of falling into a cactus if you crash.

I quickly found out that you need to invest in some tubeless wheels if you’re going to ride around the Phoenix area. There are these nasty little thorns called “goat heads” that will shred your tires as you can see in the image. I had two instant flat tires on one of my first rides in Arizona.

Trek Fuel mountain bike with two flat tires.
Two flat tires….Tubeless tires are required in Arizona.

Enjoy the site, enjoy your ride, and remember to Bike Smartly.