Best Mountain Bike Shoes For Flats [2022]

Riding mountain bikes with flat pedals is a great way to improve your skills, but you’ll need the right gear for it. Get the best mountain bike shoes for flat pedals to give your riding that extra burst of speed.

After putting the best mountain bike shoes for flats through a rigorous process of testing, we have selected six pairs considering comfort, durability, looks, and pedal grip.

Below is a deep comparative analysis to help you find the best pair of flat pedal MTB shoes.

Our Favorite Product

We chose the Five Ten Freerider Pro as the best overall MTB shoe for flat pedals because they provide confidence boosting grip, unmatched pedal response, and exceptional dampening properties in rough terrain.

The Stealth S1 rubber sole is perfect for those long rides and will give you a secure grip on the bike pedals. The Five Ten’s stealth rubber, coupled with the tread pattern, helps overcome tricky terrain and gives you confidence to go faster.

Moreover, the weather-resistant synthetic upper ensures quick drying in wet conditions.

In short, the excellent gripping power of the soles, perfect foot protection, and impressive durability are the qualities that make Five Ten Freerider Pro a real rider pleasing product. If you ride flat pedals, like many mountain bikers, then these are likely the best shoes for you.

More details after the comparison table.

Mountain Bike Shoes Comparison Table

CheckFive TenFreerider ProSyntheticCompression-Molded EVAStealth S1 DottyLace-Up
CheckFive TenFreerider Pro Mid VCSSyntheticCompression-Molded EVAStealth S1 DottyVELCRO® Strap
CheckCrankbrothersStamp SpeedlaceSyntheticEVAMC2 Rubber CompoundHook & Loop, Lace-Up
CheckFive TenMen’s Trailcross LTSynthetic, Breathable MeshLightweight EVAStealth S1 DottyLace-Up
CheckRide ConceptsLivewireSynthetic Leather, Breathable MeshD3O High Impact Zone Insole TechnologyRubber Kinetics – DST 6.0 HIGH GRIPLace-Up
CheckLeattMTB 3.0 V22Synthetic LeatherAnti-CompressionSticky Leatt LabLace-Up

Five Ten Freerider Pro – Best Overall

Five Ten Freerider Pro: one of the best mountain bike shoes for flats
The gold standard for flat pedal mountain bike shoes.

Key Features

  • Lightweight synthetic material uppers provide weather and abrasion resistance and are perforated for breathability
  • Urethane reinforced toe cap & box gives perfect impact-resistance
  • Shock absorption and arch support with EVA midsoles
  • Stealth S1 rubber outsoles provide traction and durability making them perfect for heavy use
  • Stealth S1 dotty grippy sole tread pattern provides maximum grip on and off the pedal
  • Weather resistant synthetic upper helps them dry quickly
  • It is an eco-friendly product as it’s made with recycled materials
Great stiffness and overall shoe shape for added comfortDoes not come in E-width sizing
Premium impact resistant toe boxHigher price range
Synthetic quick-drying upper lining
Removable insoles


The Five Ten Freerider Pro comes in seven different color combinations to provide a wide range of options to those who are very picky about the looks. You can select between black and red, gray and white, solid gray and yellow, core black with blue toe, acid mint with solid gray toe, and night navy with cloud white.

This version of the Five Ten Freerider Pro is an improvement over the Freerider Canvas shoes. 

This shoe is the gold standard of the flat pedal shoe market with better grip, durability, and stability enhancement.

Comfort & Fit

This product has vibe-dampening characteristics, which help in soaking up impacts. Hence, whether you are on the Fjords of Norway or the Andes of Peru, they protect you against any discomfort like foot cramps.

This is to be noted that the size and design are on the slimmer side. If you have a wide foot, we’d advise you to buy a half-size bigger than your normal shoe size.

Pedal Grip

The Stealth S1 rubber sole offers excellent pedal-gripping control for the riders due to its anti-slip material. The dotty tread pattern on the outsole forms a strong grip against the flat pedals, maximizing the control over the pedals as you ride the bike on hilly mountains. 

Power Transfer & Stiffness

The stiffness of the outsole adds to the performance of the cycling shoes as they allow maximum energy transfer from your foot to the pedal without bending or flexing. The more efficient the power transfer, the more pedaling speed during cycling is generated.


The synthetic material upper lining of the shoes allows air to pass to the feet, keeping them sweat-free, dry and making them look classy. The urethane reinforced toe box safeguards the toe against impact-related injuries. The outsole adds to the grip and durability of the shoes, whereas the lace-up style closure system adds comfort and an overall secure fitting of the shoes while riding.


The product comprises high-quality material from upper lining to midsole and outsole. The urethane toe box efficiently holds the shape and saves the shoe from ripping up. The Stealth S1 rubber outsole adds to the gripping control while the upper protects the shoes from scraping rocks while riding on mountainous terrain.

Five Ten Freerider Pro Mid VCS – Best Mid-Top

Five Ten Freerider Pro Mid mountain bike shoe
The best mid-top mountain bike shoe for flats.

Key Features

  • Polyurethane-coated synthetic non woven backer upper material for increased breathability and durability
  • Moisture management and long-term cushioning with OrthoLite sock liner
  • VELCRO brand loop and hook closure system for a better fit 
  • Stealth S1 rubber dotty outsoles for enhanced grip on and off the pedals
Added ankle protection using D3O® technology and OrthoLite sock linersNot available in a wide range of color combinations
Knitwear lining for added protection and comfortRuns half size smaller
Lightweight and durable for mountain bikingHeavier than non-mids
Best gripping control with flat pedals
No lacing hassle and a better fit with velcro straps closure system


Five Ten Men’s Freerider Pro Mid VCS Mountain Biking Shoe comes in core black, solar red and gray colors with an imprinted Five Ten logo for those who like classic footwear with minimal details. 

This Five Ten Freerider Pro Mid VCS version has an added extra layer of protection that is welcome to many riders. This shoe is exemplary by offering an impact-resistant toe box and reinforced inner ankle padding. 

Comfort & Fit

This mountain bike shoe marks a style statement with added comfort as you ride through rocky mountains or soft plains. The Primeknit ankle cuffs keep your feet protected against the debris, adding positivity to the biking experience. The D3O® technology helps with safeguarding the inner ankles from impacts from the chain or bike frame.

The size runs a little smaller than standard sizes, so we will advise you to purchase a half-size bigger than your regular size

Pedal Grip 

This product also utilizes Five Ten’s Stealth rubber outsole with a dotty pattern to form a firm grip when it comes in contact with the flat pedal. The rubber-based flat-soled shoes provide incredible grip as you swiftly pedal your mountain bike through the mountains.

Power Transfer & Stiffness

The Stealth S1 rubber outsole with compression-molded EVA midsole creates the right balance of sole stiffness and cushioning for the feet’s comfort. The stiff rubber sole efficiently distributes energy through the surface for faster pedaling with lesser effort. 


The upper part of this shoe utilizes a polyurethane-coated synthetic nonwoven backer to provide protection and insulation from weather and everyday wear. The compression-molded EVA midsole and OrthoLite sock liner enhance the feet’s degree of comfort, while the outsole offers unbeatable grip and durability. 


This product’s upper and lower outer layers use high-quality material to safeguard it from seasonal damage and wearing out. The reinforced toe cap, ankle padding, and stiff rubber sole help retain the shape and protect the structure of this mountain bike shoe in the long run.

Crankbrothers Stamp SpeedLace – Best Closure System

Crankbrothers Stamp Speedlace mountain bike shoe
Slick looking shoe with speedlacing system.

Key Features

  • Lightweight synthetic material uppers give high-level breathability and extended life to the shoes
  • EVA midsole enhances flexibility and cushioning of the shoes while evenly distributing the weight
  • MC2 rubber sole for better grip against flat pedals
  • 2 bolt cleat compatibility for enhanced control on flat, clipless pedals
Speed lace closure system with a lace pocketDoes not come in any other color combination
Removable, easy to clean insolesThis product is not water-resistant
MC2 rubber compound outsole with lug depth capacitySome issues with grip in wet conditions
Cleat compatibility for stronger grip with flat pedals


The Crankbrothers Stamp SpeedLace men’s flat shoe is a trendy shoe in a classic red/gray combination for those who prefer a minimalistic yet stylish appeal. The overall look and feel of the shoes give a flawless, comfortable vibe for mountain surfing on your bike. 

This version of the Crankbrothers Stamp SpeedLace shoe is designed to work perfectly with any flat pedal whether that’s for trail and enduro riders or just casual riders. Few shoes offer this level of grip, stability, and durability. 

Comfort & Fit 

This product has a wide array of features and is a versatile shoe that translates into a comfortable experience for your feet. It greatly absorbs the impacts of riding for trail riders, enduro riding, or even downhill riders.

The size corresponds to regular unisex sizing but can accommodate wide feet. We recommend buying a half size up to your normal size if you have wide feet.

The strap and lace combination closure system adds a better fit and a pocket for securely tucking the laces away so they don’t catch while riding.

Pedal Grip

The outsole of the shoes consists of an MC2 rubber compound. It is a high-friction rubber compound with low rebound properties that provides an excellent grip and abrasion resistance against flat pedals.

The aggressive tread pattern on the sole superbly fits flat-designed pedals for stronger grip and control.

We did notice some issues with grip when riding in wet conditions. In some cases the rubber just didn’t stick to the pedals very well.

Power Transfer & Stiffness

The EVA midsole evenly distributes the weight throughout the shoes which helps transfer the power efficiently on the flat pedal. The stiffness of the outsole also contributes to maximizing control over the bike on hilly terrain.


The product’s upper, midsole, and outsole are made using high-quality materials to guarantee added benefits and comfort. The synthetic upper material makes it resistant to scratches and tears while allowing it to dry quickly. The midsole enhances stability and cushioning for the feet, while the treaded outsole contributes to better attachment with the pedal body. 


This product is optimized to resist abrasion and absorb impact as you push each pedal stroke to ride the bike through rough terrains.

Five Ten Men’s Trailcross LT – Best Adventure Riding Shoe

Five Ten Trailcross LT adventure riding shoe.
The men’s Trailcross is perfect for adventure riding.

Key Features

  • Mesh uppers with great abrasion resistance provide durability and breathability
  • Toe caps made of TPU shield toes to fight against trail debris
  • Bungees tuck your laces away to keep them from tangling
  • Long-lasting cushioning is provided by lightweight EVA midsoles
Great for adventure riding and a great hiking shoeOn the top end of the price scale
Upper mesh works as a ventilator for feetThey are narrower than usual shoes
Allows water to escape through water ports
The strength of flat pedals shoes, but the comfort of athletic shoes


These MTB flat pedal shoes are breathable, quick-drying and best for adventure riding which makes the Trailcross LT a very versatile shoe. They come in three beautiful color combinations. You can choose from core black, gray, and solar red, focus olive, pulse lime, and orbit green, and feather gray, core black, and signal coral.

Comfort & Fit

These flat shoes are lightweight and performance-oriented. However, the fit is slightly different from the rest of the Ten Five models. There is a longer, slimmer body with a boxier toe cap that is approximately a half size larger than most shoes. The heel cup is somewhat higher in the rear and slightly lower on the sides.

Pedal Grip

These shoes provide the classic secure grip of Five Ten’s products. The tread pattern on the outsole consists of raised dots underneath the midfoot, and broader raised lugs at the heel and toe for improved walking grip. 

The sticky Stealth rubber compound grips the pins nicely, but the outsole also is strong enough to prevent durability issues. When you’re perched on the flat pedals, you can feel the pins sink into it to give you a decent grip.

Power Transfer & Stiffness

Pedal-power delivery is efficient because the sole is rigid enough to transfer the power of each stroke but does not generate pressure spots or abrasion on your foot and won’t cause foot fatigue. 


The mesh uppers provide excellent ventilation, making them ideal for summer. Even the forefoot area of the insoles is perforated to allow water to drain.

The TPU toe caps keep your toes safe from abrasion and debris. The heel pocket has a great strengthened feel and helps them withstand impacts.


These shoes are purpose-built adventure shoes and they are the lightest shoe out of the test shoes yet highly durable. The upper lining of the mesh is of high quality and provides a high level of breathability. The Stealth rubber outsole enhances traction while shielding the shoes from tough terrain.

Ride Concepts Livewire – Best for Narrow Feet

Ride Concepts Livewire mountain bike shoe for flat pedals
The Livewire is great for riders with narrow feet.

Key Features

  • Dirt riding shoes with a focus on improved fit and function
  • EVA midsole provides stability and shock absorption
  • Kinetics DST 6.0 rubber outsole provide ultimate grip and control
  • Sturdy synthetic leather uppers
  • Abrasion-resistant mesh upper and a fully gusseted tongue keeps dirt out
Custom-molded toe and heel protectionNot suitable for wide feet
Bike shoes that can be worn dailyNot very breathable
Elastic lace tuck


The shoe has a very subtle look, has great stitching, and is nice and stiff. This model is best for trail and downhill riders. It comes in three different color combinations to tackle everyone’s preference. You can either have them in black and charcoal, in red and charcoal or orange and charcoal.

Comfort and Fit

They are extremely comfortable, and flat pedal riders are happy to wear them all day. They have a skate-style look, with plenty of padding and toe/heel protection. 

They claim to be the best fit for narrower feet, so we found them to stay true to their size. It has a comfortable insole, soft lining, and a standard fit.

Pedal Grip

Ride Concepts has developed its own patented rubber in collaboration with Rubber Kinetics, LLC. The DST 6.0 high grip rubber is used in the sole to have durability and a strong grip. The more aggressive tread pattern on the sole consists of raised hexagonal dots that help to engage the pedal pins while standing on the pedal.

Power Transfer and Stiffness

This shoe has a firm sole and an efficient power transfer. While tougher shoes are available,  these shoes are enough for the average trek rider. We felt most of our force going to the pedals on the climbs while wasting very little effort.


The shoe’s synthetic leather upper is a suede-like material with large perforated air pores and a breathable mesh material over the toe. It has a molded toe area and heel protection to create a very comfortable shoe. The outsole provides more grip, and the gusseted tongue keeps the debris out of the shoe.


The Ride Concepts Livewire flat pedal shoes are quite durable, and you can ride them on any trail and scrape them on rocks without much side effect. Its high-quality outsole and mesh lining can withstand any terrain.

Leatt MTB 3.0 V22 – Best Freerider Alternative

Leatt MTB 3.0 V22 mountain bike shoe
If you can’t afford the Freerider Pros, then this is a great alternative.

Key Features

  • The flat grip sole is designed to keep you in control at all times
  • Flex control with a medium-hard setting for an excellent pedal feel
  • The stabilized heel and rigid reinforced toe area provide ultimate protection
  • The waffle pattern in the pedal area has been enhanced for superior pin grip
Very comfortable and have a great fitLess grippy than Five Ten Freeriders
Mud channels keep the shoes free of mudSometimes lace retention system fails
Raised inner padded side wall
Less expensive than Freerider Pros


The Leatt MTB flat pedal shoes are designed specifically for enduro and downhill rides. These shoes are available in seven stunning colors, and you have ample variety to choose from. They are available in black, granite, chili, steel, cactus, and multi-color.

Comfort and Fit

These flat pedal shoes are comfortable if you wear them for a shorter ride; otherwise, they are not as comfortable as other shoes we’ve reviewed. They have a wider profile and are recommended for the rider with wide feet. The toe area also has more room in it than shoes in the same class.

Pedal Grip

The waffle pattern flat grip sole provides a good grip, and it locks onto the pedal. This shoe’s harder rubber and one-of-a-kind sole pattern provide adequate traction on all types of trails.

Power Transfer and Stiffness

The outsole has enhanced stiffness which prevents bending or flexing while transferring maximum energy from your foot to the pedal.


The upper lining is water-resistant and can withstand splashes and creek soakings, although it is not well ventilated. The shoe’s midsole has a lot of padding, and the upper has a lot of ankle support to keep the rider from injuries. A secure Velcro strap keeps the shoes firmly in place during the riding experience and the elastic lace clips are quite convenient.


The harder rubber can withstand some intense pedaling and is quite long-lasting so you won’t see much wear and tear until well into the life of your purchase.

How to Buy Flat Pedal Mountain Bike Shoes

Your chance of finding the best shoes significantly varies with the type of pedal you prefer to use with your mountain bike. The pedal choice depends on many factors, including your comfort, style and price point. 

Flat pedals are cheaper and do not require frequent replacements compared with clip-style pedals. 

Close up of flat pedal on mountain bike
Your standard flat pedal.

Clipless pedals are more expensive and need frequent replacements as their clip runs down after usage.

Shimano clipless pedal
Example of a Shimano clipless pedal.

In our opinion, flat pedals are more appropriate for seasonal or casual riders as they offer a subtle riding experience, are easy on the wallet, less technical, and go well with different shoes.

On the other hand, the clipless pedal requires more maintenance, demands a more specific shoe type, is more technical, and needs more practice but can improve your overall speed and control while riding. 

Selecting the right pair of shoes among many different types can be daunting. There are simple things to consider for the purposes of categorizing your riding shoes. You should think about what you need from your shoe, what you want out of it, and how well it will work with your pedal system.

Clipless vs. Flat Pedal

Let us begin by learning the key differences between the two pedal types and shoe requirements. The primary difference between the two shoe types lies in the stiffness of the sole and the contact point on the pedal. 

Flat Pedal Shoes 

Flat pedals are the basic pedals attached to your mountain bike. They are simple and provide a big platform to rest your foot. You can use any type of shoes like trainers or skate shoes with a flat pedal, but using specifically designed flat pedal shoes reduces foot fatigue and improves stability in your ride.

Flat pedal shoes come in a variety of colors and designs. The composition of the shoes plays a pivotal role. The upper sole mostly uses synthetic material for enhanced breathability and protection from weather and routine damage. The midsole comprises different materials, offering various levels of moisture control and cushion for the feet—and lastly, the shoes’ outsole.

The outsole must be stiff to maximize power transfer to the pedals and offer impact control and good gripping protection. The patterns on the outsole form a firm grip with the long pins on the flat pedal. 

Other than these basic requirements, the flat pedal shoe features are enhanced using various closure systems, toe protection boxes, and other features for an everlasting riding experience. 

Clipless Shoes

You use clip in shoes with special clipless-designed pedals to complete the interlocking clipless system. This shoe comes in a variety of colors and designs. You can choose a pair of shoes with various upper materials or midsoles. Usually, they consist of tech material to deliver additional benefits, increase life span and support the clipping system. The outsole is the most important part of the clipless shoe. 

The outsole of the clipless shoe is stiffer when compared with other types of shoes. It has a channel in the bottom of the shoes with a clip that fits the clipless pedal. The clip system on the pedal must connect well with the clip on the shoe, keeping a firm connection. 

The size of the channel on the outsole must also accommodate the pedal’s clip. The size of the channel also marks a great difference as the area around the clip must be sturdy and non-sticky to attach and remove feet from the clipless pedal easily. Finally, the shoe’s sole must have a flat surface with a good grip to support riding the bike and walking around afterwards.

Types Of Riding Shoes

Mountain bike shoes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Manufacturers don’t do this just to increase their catalog size (well, maybe). These are specially designed shoes meant to improve your performance depending on your riding style.

Casual MTB Shoes

Casual shoes are great for walking, hiking, and cycling. Their rubber outsoles provide a good grip to perform well for different sports activities. 

Trail Riding Shoes

Trail riding shoes are the Swiss army knife of mountain bike shoes with diversified features. They may or may not have cleats and a soft rubber compound outsole for a better grip against the flat pedals. 

Downhill Shoes

Downhill shoes are heavier shoes with less breathability. They are the best fit for downhill riding as they are more durable to resist abrasion from rocky trails and tracks.

Downhill mountain bike shoe
Downhill shoes tend to be more sturdy but also a bit heavier.

XC or Cross Country Shoes

These are light in weight shoes with a stiff sole for maximum power transfer during the ride. They have added features of toe protection and a retention system for laces to prevent snags while riding.

Giro Rincon is a great XC mountain bike shoe.
Example of a XC (cross country) mountain bike shoe.

Enduro / All mountain

These are dedicated shoes offering maximum protection as you ride the bike on rocky mountains. They have added flap closures over laces, a tough toe box, a quick lace system, and a durable ratcheting buckle for a firm fit.

Enduro mountain biking shoe
Example of an enduro mountain biking shoe.

Gravity Riders

Gravity riders are more casual-looking shoes with enhanced gripping protection. They have built-in cleats for attaching to the pedals. Their excellent grip permits riders to control the bike perfectly while doing the tricks.

Shimano gravity mountain bike shoe
Gravity mountain bike shoe by Shimano.

What To Look For

Here’s a few of the top things to look for when picking out your flat pedal mountain bike shoes.

Rubber Type

Sole rubber plays a primary role in selecting mountain bike shoes. It helps to distinguish between the shoe type in accordance with the pedal. The sole rubber’s width, stiffness, and quality significantly impact the shoes’ overall grip, protection, and durability.

The rubber sole must form a firm grip with the pedal or while walking so you do not slip or lose control of the bike while riding.

Furthermore, the material of the sole rubber must be strong enough to accommodate the pedal’s spike without running its surface. The outsole’s quality is a salient feature to determine the durability and comfort of the shoe. 

Impact Protection 

As you explore various landscapes on your mountain bikes, your shoes must protect your feet. The shoe’s design includes features to protect feet from all angles. The features include a toe protection box at the shoe’s tip to protect the toe or ankle protection by adding extra padding so your ankle remains protected from the bike’s chain.

Some companies design a high-top version to add more support for your ankles. Most lace shoes come with a pocket or mechanism to tuck in the laces or an added cover to secure the laces in place.


Shoes must have wear protection features as they must remain useful for a long time since these shoes aren’t cheap. The reinforced toe helps the shoe maintain its shape.

Some shoes feature a raised area on the inner ankle to create a barrier between the chain and your ankle, and the velcro closure protects the laces (or improves fit). 

Pedal Compatibility

You can not just use any kind of shoes on any type of pedal. Pedal compatibility with your shoes is vital to provide grip and stability during the ride. 

The flat pedals appear simple and work well with any type of shoes, but the performance greatly improves when used with the right grooves and specific shoe type.

Flat pedals come in various widths, platform sizes, and groove shapes. Finding the shoe that fits well with the groove is the key to building a solid grip. Some companies specifically design flat pedals and flat shoes with matching grooves and pins.

Clip-style pedals have more compatibility requirements than flat pedal shoes. You can interchange the brands of the shoes, but it is crucial to match the cleat under the outsole of the shoe with the system on the pedal, forming the perfect grip. The tip is to match the right cleat-type on the shoe with the right pedals.

The size of the shoe and pedal also impact the compatibility. Your feet will slide off the pedal if it is too small and vice versa. 

Sole Stiffness

The performance and comfortability of the shoe correlate with the sole stiffness. It helps in retaining the bike’s speed with minimal lost effort while pedaling. The sole of mountain bike shoes must be stiff as they efficiently transfer the power from the rider’s foot to the pedal of the bike. You can choose a shoe with various sole stiffness indexes depending on your requirements.

You need a less stiff shoe for an uphill sprint and a stiffer shoe for a mountain racing competition. You can choose a less stiff shoe if you want to use it interchangeably between bike riding and a casual shoe. The clipless pedal shoes have stiffer soles as compared to the flat pedal shoes but will feel different than a casual shoe. 

Fit and Sizing 

Finding the right fit and size accounts for your riding experience with the shoe. Always focus on getting a better fitting shoe than the one with a good design.

A shoe that is too small will make you feel uncomfortable during the ride.

A bigger shoe will make it harder to disengage from a clipless pedal as your feet will move within the shoe rather than unclipping from the pedal. Most manufacturers provide sizes with half-inch differences so you can find the best fit for your feet. 

Consider the types of socks you’ll wear when determining the fit of the shoe. You’ll likely wear thicker socks in the winter and thinner socks in the summer, which can affect the fit of the shoes. 

Weather Proofing 

You ride your bike in all sorts of weather, so choosing waterproof or water resistant shoes is an important factor to consider while choosing your shoes. Your shoes demand different weatherproofing mechanisms as weather shifts from dry, hot summer to wet winter season.

In summers, you’ll require breathable shoe material to dissipate heat and water, so your feet remain dry during long rides. In winter, you’ll need shoes that keep your feet warm and dry. 

A 100% waterproof shoe does not exist. You can opt for shoes that dry quickly and provide maximum protection by disseminating the water fast. You can, however, wear waterproof socks and trousers to add a layer of safety against water.

Another option is to get yourself some shoe covers when the weather turns nasty to prevent your shoes and socks from getting wet. 

Internal Padding and Liner

The internal padding and liners add a layer of cushioning to provide comfort to your feet. A variety of insoles are available in the market that vary in thickness, weight, and performance. The right liner won’t absorb a lot of water or become smelly over time.

Closure Mechanisms

The closure mechanism decides how a shoe will stay on your feet and come in a variety of styles. 

  • Standard Laces

Laces are a simple closure mechanism that gives a good fit. They can untie on their own and tangle in gear so be careful. Laces are not a good option to keep debris out of your shoes. 

  • Quick Lace System

The quick lace system comprises thin easy-to-adjust laces with an “S” button to fit the laces quickly. This lace type closes safely and does not get tangled anywhere. 

  • Velcro Closure

Velcro closure is a quick self-fastening system with hooks and loops. It efficiently keeps mud and debris out of the shoes. 

  • Ratchet Style

Ratchet style is simple to use and easier to clean up. They offer a good grip with comfort as compared to the laces. They can get clogged up in poor weather conditions, making it harder to use them so try to keep them clean. 

Consider Multi-Use Shoes

One of the best features of the flat pedal shoe design is that you can use them for different sports other than biking. You can use them for walking, hiking, or casually styling them with jeans and a t-shirt to a party. They are super comfortable to use anywhere.  

Know The Terrain 

Your choice of landscape helps you determine the type of shoes you should purchase for riding. You should consider an easy-to-dry synthetic material shoe if you prefer riding in wet trails or select an easy to wipe shoe if you ride in muddy or dusty terrain.

Final Thoughts

Choosing flat pedal MTB shoes is not similar to choosing any other ordinary shoe. Other than design, there are so many things to consider, such as the upper mesh lining for breathability, the outsole rubber for grip, the foot protection, gusseted tongue, waterproofing, etc. 

It might not be easy to know where to begin when it comes to the best mountain bike shoes for flats. When looking into shoes, you’ll come across oddball rubber mixture names and wacky shoe design elements. When it comes to a rider’s safety and performance, a new pair of shoes is just as important as a new bike.

The greatest advice we can provide you is to narrow down your options by taking an honest look at your riding style and the trails you frequent. By obtaining these two pieces of vital information, you should be able to reduce your options significantly.

As far as our choice is concerned, for us, the best MTB flat pedal shoes are the Five Ten Freerider Pro. Their inspiring grip, unrivaled pedal feel, and remarkable dampening properties in tough terrain make them the best shoes for any rider. In addition, the weather-resistant synthetic top ensures shortened drying time.

FAQs About Mountain Bike Shoes

Can I use trail running shoes for biking?

Trail shoes are specialized shoes designed to run on soft and hard (pavement) surfaces. Their tougher, water-resistant, highly breathable material also makes them good for biking.

What type of shoe is best for MTB?

The shoe that includes a high-quality upper, midsole, and outsole material with grippy patterns on the sole is the best MTB flat shoe. They offer maximum grip strength, control, and power transmission for mountain biking.

What shoes go with flat mountain bike pedals?

Specially designed MTB shoes go best with flat mountain bike pedals. These are flat-soled shoes made up of stiff rubber to enhance the grip on the bike pedals.

Can you walk in MTB shoes?

Yes, you can walk in MTB shoes for a while. However, it is not recommended to walk in MTB shoes as they have a stiffer rubber outsole that exerts too much pressure on your ankle, causing muscle discomfort. The outsole also gets worn out early due to walking around on pavement.