Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 in 2022

Getting the perfect mountain bike sounds like a chore but that’s not always the case. Sometimes good things in life are much cheaper than their value. Mountain bikes not only provide you with the necessary exercise for your body but also release stress and improve your physical and mental health as you go out and explore beautiful terrains.

If you want to find one of the best mountain bikes under $300, you have come to the right place. We have compiled details about the best mountain bikes that are affordable, durable, and give you an amazing mountain biking experience.

Our Recommendations For The Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

Sometimes it’s really hard to find the right product when you have a tight budget. If we talk about mountain bikes, we usually believe that we have to spend an arm and a leg to find something that’s reliable and has all the important key features.

But, trust me. This is not the case. There are amazing products available. Here’s our guide to the best mountain bikes under 300 with all their key features and performance details.

Our Favorite Product

The first one is our favorite product in the list of the best mountain bikes under 300. This one has surpassed the other ones because of the features that you don’t usually find in this price range.

Xspec 26″ Folding Mountain Bike

The Xspec is a gorgeous mountain bike that functions beautifully. It is great for on and off-road rides. You can also choose from a wide range of great colors available. It is the best choice when it comes to cheap and sturdy biking. 

Why We Chose This Product

This full-size foldable mountain bike is an absolute must-have. It is especially ideal for off-road and on-road transitions. The ample gear speed makes it glide beautifully on smooth or rugged ground. It can cope with a rough road due to its dual shock absorbers that dampen the bumps impressively from both the front and back. Its well-built body is durable and is an overall good value for the money.

Below are the features that make this product our favorite among the best mountain bikes under $300.

Key Features

  • Dual Shock Absorbers: The Xspec has dual suspension that can effortlessly cope with off-road riding shocks, even in challenging terrains. 
  • 26″ Wheels: Xspec comes with perfect 26″ Wheels that maintain the stability of the bike. Moreover, they are built for speed.
  • Foldability: You can easily fold and keep Xspec into the trunk of your car. However, the large wheels sometimes become inconvenient, but their functionality makes them worth it.

The Xspec 26″ is a fast, robust, and reliable mountain bike. Its frame is top-notch steel that is durable and long-lasting. Its disc brakes are powerful and accurate. I was able to fold it flat within seconds without any tools. 

It includes alloy double-wall rims with 22.5″ handlebars and 26″ diamond wheels. In addition, the front and back shock absorbers make your ride smooth, comfortable, and pleasant.

Continue reading below for the rest of the bikes we reviewed.

Comparison Table for Mountain Bikes Under $300

PriceBrandModelDesigned ForSuspensionWheel SizeBrakesBest For
CheckHuffyStone MountainTeensHardtail26”DiscTrail
CheckMongooseStatus 2.2AdultsFull26”V BrakesTrail
CheckOutroad27.5”MenFull27.5”DiscCity, Road
CheckMongooseFlatrockBoys, WomenHardtail26”V BrakesTrail
CheckXspec26″ FoldingAdultsFull26”DiscTrail, Commuting
CheckSOCOOL26″ MountainAdultsFull26”DiscGravel, Road

Huffy Stone Mountain – 26″

Huffy Stone Mountain bike with 26 inch wheels
The Stone Mountain from Huffy

Key Features

  • Available in a stylish denim blue color
  • Durable steel frame backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Ideal for minimum rider height of 5 feet
  • Weighs 42.7 pounds
  • 26″ x 1.95 large knobby tires that can handle any terrain
  • Rear Shimano TZ-31 derailleur for a smooth uphill climb
An excellent bike for ages 13 and up and can combat rugged terrainsThe seat is a bit loose, and you might have to get it fixed after riding for long periods
It is lightweight, convenient, and easy to carry and rideAssembling the bike is a bit complicated
The bike is made of aluminum rather than steel, which makes the bike lighter for accelerationAt this price point, you don’t get great components
The shock absorbers make the ride smooth and less bumpyNo disc brakes
Its knobby tires are made for use in dry and wet conditions
The rider’s back and shoulder strain is minimized due to the slightly raised handlebar


The Huffy Stone Mountain bike is a great entry-level bike with a smooth ride. Its solid and sturdy frame can help you get serious about biking.

Stone Mountain is an ideal choice for people trying to get back into this fun sport but it’s equally suitable for serious bikers. Its smooth and easy-to-shift gears can make biking less of a challenge.

Mongoose Status 2.2

Mongoose Status 2.2 mountain bike
Get a Mongoose Status 2.2 for entry-level full suspension

Key Features

  • Contains riser handlebar with colored end plugs
  • Strong and powerful front suspension fork
  • Front and rear V brakes to help you stop really quickly
  • 21-speed shifters enable multiple levels of resistance
  • Lightweight and durable alloy rims of this mountain bicycle make it user friendly and reliable
  • Tires are 26″ in diameter
Mongoose is not an expensive brandRear shock is difficult to adjust and ineffective when not tuned correctly
It is an amazing mountain bike for smooth ridingSeat is difficult to fix and adjust
Aluminum frame has hydroformed tubing
Easy to put together


The Mongoose Status 2.2 mountain bike consists of a rigid aluminum frame made of hydroformed tubing and a reliable suspension fork to ease the bumps along the ride. In short, it is ideal for your next trek over trails.

Moreover, it has a 21-speeds which makes shifting easier and provides you with the right gearing for an adventure that awaits you. 

It also has a light and rigid alloy frame which enhances its durability and weight. It includes knobby tires which are famous for their ability to roll over anything that comes in their way. Hence you get great traction at any speed.

You can control your speed through the classic front and rear V brakes which are great for sudden stops but aren’t great in wet conditions.

A perfect mountain bike that elevates your mountain climbing experience.

Outroad Mountain Bike – 27.5”

Outroad mountain bike with 27.5" wheels
Outroad bikes are suitable for outdoor sports and commuting

Key Features

  • High carbon steel frame
  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Has the capacity to carry 300 lbs weight
  • 27.5 inches diameter of the wheel
  • 21-speed
  • Black and red, black and gray, or blue and orange
Sensitive discs brakes which give you a more consistent response and are better for all weather conditionsThe bike cranks can strip
Durable tiresThe bike does not use great components but is sufficient for everyday use
21-speed shifter on the handlebar helps you to climb hills effortlesslyCustomer service of the bike manufacturer is not very helpful
Full suspension system absorbs bumps and makes riding much more smooth.
Anti-skid tire design plays a part in safe riding


The Outroad mountain bike is a 27.5-inch mountain bike containing 21 gears and dual disc brakes that assist the rider and keep them safe along low slope ground or at high speeds.

The seat is adjustable, allowing you to cover many miles quite comfortably. All-terrain tires provide the perfect grip.

This 27.5-inch bike would take you anywhere, whether rocky mountains or grassy lands. All you have to do is choose it, assemble it and off you go.

Mongoose Flatrock – Boys/Womens Bike

Mongoose Flatrock mountain bike for women
The Flatrock has a low crossbar suitable for women or boys

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum hardtail frame
  • Element suspension fork
  • 21-speed twist shift
  • Reliable alloy V brakes
  • Mountain tires
  • Double-walled alloy rims to provide rugged durability
Easy to assemble, easy to rideSome who purchased this noticed missing parts
Includes a kickstandSeats can use some padding
Comes with a lightweight aluminum hardtail frame


The Mongoose Flatrock is equipped with an Element suspension fork, V brakes for reliability, and a 21-speed twist-shift to help you change gears effortlessly.

It has double-walled alloy rims, which increase its durability and make it lightweight.

Its tires are 2.3″ wide. Its Element front suspension fork enhances performance while enabling you to ride smoothly.

It contains alloy brakes at its front and the rear—this helps provide adequate stopping power.

This bike is ideal for exploring mountainous areas. It can fit 56 to 66 inch tall riders.

Xspec 26″ – Best Folding Mountain Bike

Xspec 26" folding mountain bike
Xspec – A great bike for the price.

Key Features

  • Weighs approx 42 lbs
  • Includes dual suspension system
  • Wheels are rimmed with double-wall alloy
  • High tensile folding steel frame
  • Tires are high grade and 26 inches in diameter
  • The folding latch consists of a safe folding mechanism
  • Comfortable and compact seat
  • Kickstand added
  • Designed on unique folding pedal structure
  • Dual disc brake system provides sturdier stopping power. This braking technology is ever-lasting.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs
Assembling of the bike is straightforwardCheap plastic pedals
Alloy handlebarsGear shifting could be better
Shimano products enhance the value of the bikeNot as durable as a standard non-folding frame
The bike is worth your money
The bike frame is solid and sturdy
The fold latch has a highly secure locking mechanism


The Xspec mountain bike provides quick and reliable stopping power from the dual disc brake system. These prevent wearing out of tires and won’t need to be replaced as often leading to a longer life span for your purchase.

Moreover, it consists of a high tensile steel frame that can withstand rough mountain treks.

Includes Shimano products which are famous for their quality and long life. Plus has alloy double-wall rims on 26″ diamond wheels.

It has attached front and back shock absorbers that persist even in rough terrain mountain ranges.

SOCOOL 26″ Mountain Bike

26 inch mountain bike by SOCOOL
26 inch mountain bike by SOCOOL

Key Features

  • 17″ high carbon steel frame size
  • Kenda sports tires
  • Weight 39.7 lbs (18 kg)
  • Can carry 120 kg (220 lbs) weight
  • 85% assembled on arrival
  • SHIMANO 21-speed shifter
Strict quality inspection before packagingThe seat feels a bit rough
Exceptional customer serviceTires should probably be upgraded
Flashy and comfortable
Affordable price
Easy to assemble
Excellent packaging along with delivery


Suspension is one essential feature for a mountain bike as it has to travel through rough terrain. Hence, this full suspension mountain bike is a part of our list.

This SOCOOL mountain bike is a full suspension mountain bike. It gives you an ergonomically designed dial position to ensure that the gear shifting mechanism is smoother. The shifters also provide a visual gear display so you’ll always know what gear you’re in at the time.

Moreover, it has a built-in SHIMANO rear derailleur. It provides:

  • Smooth gear shifts
  • Limited chain slap

In addition to this, it is fitted with Kenda sports tires along with dual disc brakes. It has a padded seat which makes long rides easier and an adjustable seat post which makes height adjustments a breeze.

Bikes are personalized machines. Every bike fits its rider differently. The SOCOOL mountain bike would go beyond your expectations and perform outstandingly.

Buying Guide For The Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

Everyone wants to make the right purchase and avoid wasting their time, effort, and money on a purchase that is not satisfactory. Therefore, it is advisable to go through this buying guide and understand the dynamics of a perfect purchase.

Many essential aspects have to be kept in mind while buying a mountain bike. You will find a wide variety of various features available out there and it can be quite confusing. However, the trick is to get the best combination for you and your unique situation.

Here are the critical features that are a must-have in any bike you decide to purchase. 

The Type of Mountain Bike

Before opting for a particular mountain bike, the foremost thing that should be considered is to know its type. There are various mountain bikes, each meant for a different purpose, and the trick is to first define how the bike will be used. 

Types of mountain bikes, along with their purposes, are as follows:

Folding Bikes

A folding bike can offer many benefits such as easy transport, space-saving (can be easily kept in small cars and apartments), easy storage, and better security (as you can easily carry and keep it with you). However, you should keep in mind that these bikes give bumpier and slower rides.

Mountain Bike for Cross-Country

The cross-country mountain bike is light and speedy for covering vast expanses quickly. The tires are specially designed to be fast and durable. If you plan on biking for long hours, this is the bike for you.

Trail Mountain Bike

If you plan on pedaling uphill and downhill, you need a bike with more grip and control. For biking on mountains, a trail mountain bike is popular as it has immense strength and durability to support you for the entire ride.

Bikes for Kids & Teens

When buying a kids or teens bike, it is crucial to look for a size that is comfortable to sit on with both feet flat on the ground. For this, you need to pay attention to both tire size and saddle height. Other things to consider for your kids’ bike are the frame material as it affects the weight and durability of the bike, tires, and type of brakes.

Consider the Assembly Requirements

Once you have received your bike, it’s time to assemble it. You will have to attach the pedals, wheels, seat, and handlebars. Checking the brakes and gear system is also essential. Therefore, you should look for an easy to assemble bike if you lack mechanical knowledge.

Some necessary tools that you will need for assembling your bike are:

  • A wrench
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • An adjustable spanner
  • Allen keys
  • Needle nose pliers


Your mountain bike is going to fight with many obstacles on rocky terrains and bumpy trails. Hence, it should be easily upgraded whenever the need be.

Upgrading an old bike not only helps you get a better version of your favorite cycle but is also more economical than buying a new one. It provides better suspension, more recent features, and stronger and bigger wheels.

Upgraded tires give better grip and acceleration, upgraded handlebars provide improved control, brake upgrades give a safer and more confident ride.

Essential Aspects For Consideration Before Purchasing A Bike

When shopping for a bike at this price point, there are some important things to consider so you don’t end up with a bike you’re not happy with.

Frame Material

Frame material is the most crucial aspect of any mountain bike. The frame should be made of reliable and durable material. The best affordable choices available in the market nowadays are usually aluminum alloy or steel. The best material choice for a lightweight mountain bike is carbon fiber but that tends to be more expensive than aluminum or steel.


When the gears are not of appropriate quality, the bike becomes unusable. Gear shifting shouldn’t be rough. Instead, it should be comfortable and smooth. For gears to be smooth, good quality derailleurs and shifters should be used in bike manufacturing.

View of rear derailleur on a mountain bike
When shopping for mountain bikes ensure you’re getting the number of gears needed for a smooth, easy ride.


Brakes are the most critical aspect of mountain bikes as they ensure your safety. Alloy disc brakes have proved to be the most decent and safe. Also, you should check your brakes multiple times before heading out for a ride. Your life depends on it.

The Size of the Wheel

The size of the wheel depends on your preferences, keeping in mind your specific requirements. Big and oversized wheels are suitable for rough terrains, where smaller wheels can be speedy on smooth ground.

26 inch wheels have been the standard size for years. Wheels of this size are cheaper and easier to repair as compared to the larger ones. Moreover, they perform excellently on twisty tracks and have higher acceleration on smooth surfaces. However, the rollover ability is comparatively poor.

27 inch wheels have high acceleration, better rollover ability, and can be a good fit for smaller riders.

29 inch wheels have a lower acceleration rate but are better to roll over the obstacles. This size is quickly becoming the preferred size for off-road riding.


The comfort and durability of the pedals can be paramount to a mountain bike’s overall experience. If you don’t feel that the pedals are comfortable to you, or they are a low quality material, keep looking. Remember that your comfort is vital for the ride of your life. However, also keep in mind pedals can easily be replaced for higher quality pedals if needed.

Close up view of mountain bike pedal
Mountain bike pedals are also important as manufacturers sometimes cut costs with cheap components.


Biking is an integral part of many people’s lives. Many social circles include biking for recreational and communal purposes. Our bikes also need to be updated to accommodate our needs as we have evolved.

Therefore, for the perfect bike to make your ride the most enjoyable, you need to determine your trails and terrain first. This allows you to get the bike that is perfect for your needs. Find a  bike that can make the ride memorable and enable you to enjoy and explore the wild outdoors.    

Our best pick so far has been the Xspec 26″ foldable mountain bike. Not only does it provide great features for an affordable price, but it is also great that you can easily carry your bike in your car trunk. 

Refer to the above valuable information (and pass this along to your friends and family) to ensure you’re picking the best affordable mountain bike that’s suitable for your needs. It’s better to spend your time on healthy activities such as biking. 


Have a question about bikes in this price range? See below. If you have more questions please contact us directly.

How much should I spend on a decent mountain bike?

Anywhere from 300 to 1500 is pretty decent, depending on the bike’s features.

What sort of mountain bike can you expect to get for less than $300?

You can get a good entry-level bike for less than $300, which could be perfect for beginners or recreational purposes.

What is the common wheel size for kids?

Kids need a specific wheel size to help them ride the bike safely and easily. The most common sizes used for kids’ bikes are 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch, and 24 inch.

Do I really need a full suspension mountain bike?

Full suspension bikes are a perfect choice if you are willing to spend a good amount on your bike. The bikes provide a smooth ride on rocky and rough trails. On the other hand, it’s hard to find your flow on rough terrain while you are on a hardtail.