Best Folding Mountain Bikes in 2022

Are you looking to hit the trails with your new mountain bike to discover nature’s beauty but keep putting it off because you don’t have enough storage room for a mountain bike?

You don’t have to put off your dream anymore because, in this article, you can find the list of the best folding mountain bikes that will solve your storage issue.

Favorite Product

A special mention goes to the Xspec 26” 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike, which is not only the first bike on our list of the best folding mountain bikes, but it is also our personal favorite due to its incredible features and price point.

This gorgeous full-size bike can be folded and tucked away in less than 15 seconds, making it convenient to keep in any place.

Why Did We Choose This Product?

One of the features that distinguish this folding mountain bike from the competition is its compatibility with both off-road terrains and urban transportation, thanks to its elegant design.

It has high-speed gears that help it glide smoothly on any terrain. It can handle a bumpy road because of its dual shock absorbers. The well-built body is long-lasting and provides superb value for money.

Here are some of the critical features of this bike that make it one of our top picks.

You’ll also find this bike in our review of the best mountain bikes under $300.

Key Features

  • It is constructed with high-quality steel, which ensures a long-lasting folding mountain bike
  • It is equipped with disc brakes that do not wear out the rims and provide more accurate braking performance
  • This bike is equipped with dual shock absorbers that can easily handle the shocks of off-road riding, even in the most challenging terrain
  • High-tensile steel folding frame can handle the rigors of mountain trails and can be folded flat in seconds without using any special tools
  • Another feature of this durable and dependable folding mountain bike is its 26-inch Diamond wheels, which provide a pleasant and comfortable ride for you

Continue reading for the rest of the folders we reviewed.

Comparison Table for Best Folding Mountain Bikes

PriceBrandModelFrame MaterialWeightWheel SizeBrakesBest For
CheckXspecCRS804605Steel42 lbs26”DiscCommuting, Trails
CheckEurobikeTSM G7Steel40 lbs27.5”DiscRoad
CheckKingttuG6Steel39.7 lbs26”DiscCommuting, Trails
CheckMax4outR-100Carbon Steel40 lbs26”DiscTrails
CheckColumbaRJ26AAlloy34 lbs26”V-BrakesRoad, Gravel
CheckEurobikeG4Steel42 lbs26”DiscRoad, Trails, Gravel

Reviews Of The Best Folding Mountain Bikes

Finding a product that matches all your requirements is sometimes difficult because every brand claims to be the best one.

To solve this problem, we have reviewed several of the best folding mountain bikes so you don’t have to.

But there are many other products that are really good.

Below is a list of some of the best foldable mountain bikes, all of which happen to be equipped with full suspension.

These products are discussed here in greater detail below.

Xspec 26” Folding Mountain Bike – Best Overall

Our choice for the best folding mountain bikes: the Xspec 26" folding mountain bike.
Our choice for the best folding mountain bike is the Xspec 26″.

Key Features

  • Front and rear suspension
  • Alloy double-wall rimmed wheels
  • High grade 26″ x 1.95 road tires
  • The folding handle has a secure folding mechanism
  • 22.5″ alloy handlebar
  • Strong disc brakes for stronger stopping power
  • High tensile steel folding frame
  • 21-speed function
  • The unique folding pedal design
  • 48T chainring
  • Comfortable and solid seat
Very little assembly neededThe assembly is a bit tricky as the pedal threads of the left and right sides are installed in opposite directions
The gears are easy to shiftUnfortunately, this is one of the heavier bikes we reviewed at 42 lbs
The dual suspension makes it capable of absorbing high tension
The frame is made of high-quality steel
The frame can be easily folded within seconds without the help of any tools
This bike can handle multi-terrain riding with ease


The Xspec 26” 21-speed mountain bike is a robust and stylish folding bike that not only caters to your off-road riding but also fulfills your need for urban transportation. As mentioned above, it is our pick for best folding mountain bike.

This mountain bike comes with dual suspension with shock absorbers that help it smoothly glide over trails, bumps, potholes, and any kind of terrain.

The mechanical disc brakes enable this bike to stop quickly and have firm contact with the ground.

The Xspec folding mountain bike also features 21-speed shifters so that you can focus less on pedaling and more on the beauty of mountains.

You can read our full review of the Xspec folding mountain bike here.

Eurobike TSM G7 27.5″ – Smoothest Shifting

Eurobike TSM G7 27.5" folding mountain bike
The G7 has the smoothest shifting out of the reviewed bikes.

Key Features

  • Dual disc brakes for excellent stopping power
  • 21-speed shifting system
  • Dual suspension with excellent shock absorbing power
  • Solid aluminum rims
  • Big and multi-tooth tires
  • Front derailleur: Shimano TZ30 for an upward pull
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano TZ50, long cage
It is constructed with a solid and durable frameThe wide tires make the bike appear a bit bulky
The wide and multi-toothed tires provide the bike with a strong grip on the roadThe bike assembly is not quick and easy
The dual suspension provides a smooth and comfortable riding experience
The dual disc brakes lessen the amount of pressure placed on the feet, as well as the amount of wear and tear placed on the tires


If you are on the search for a bike that is ideally designed for adults to pave both roads and mountain trails, Eurobike TSM is the way to go.

This foldable mountain bike has larger wheels (27.5 inches) than conventional folding mountain bikes, typically having 26-inch tires. The large wheels make it possible to go quickly over a variety of terrains.

The speed shifters provide a smooth transition from one gear to another without interfering with the bike’s forward propulsion.

The multi-tooth wheels provide a more significant amount of traction on wet and slippery roads.

This foldable mountain bike is constructed of high-quality steel that is lightweight and robust.

It is equipped with solid disc brakes that provide steady and bump-free stopping capability.

When riding over uneven terrain, the dual suspension feature works to reduce the amount of tension on the rider’s lower back.

Overall, the performance of this foldable mountain bike is quite excellent and it provides a memorable mountain biking experience.

Kingttu G6 Mountain Bike 26” – Easiest Assembly

Kingttu G6 Folding Mountain Bike
The Kingttu G6 folded into a small form factor.

Key Features

  • Dual suspension
  • Dual mechanical disc brakes
  • 21-speed shifters for reliable speed shifting
  • Front and rear derailleurs and shock absorbers for a pleasant mountain biking experience
  • Strong body and compact design for a comfortable ride
  • Precise gears
It is so lightweight and compact that you can simply take it up and down staircases or elevators just like a suitcase without any assistanceThe three spoke wheels aren’t sturdy under heavier riders
It can be folded in seconds without any helpThe accessories are not included in the package
A solid and sturdy bike frame is used in this design
21-speed shifters allow easy transition from one speed to another, even when riding up mountains or on trails


No bike can match the ease of use and portability Kingttu G6 provides.

The Kingttu G6 folding mountain bike is excellent for off-road use and everyday use due to its sturdy and elegant design.

When the frame is folded, there is a little hinge point in the center of the frame, making it even more compact and convenient to carry around.

Its dual disc brakes and suspension system allow it to glide smoothly up and down hills, trails with steep grades, and gravel roads. Due to the durable steel frame used in its design, this bike is very durable.

The best part is that this bike comes 85% pre-assembled, and you only have to attach a few parts before you go out mountain biking.

Max4out R-100 – Most Affordable

Max4out R-100 folding mountain bike
The R-100 is a very affordable folding mountain bike.

Key Features

  • Carbon steel frame
  • Durable alloy rims
  • Front and rear powerful mechanical disc brakes for enhanced safety
  • The seat post is easy to adjust
  • Dual suspension and shock absorbers
  • Suitable for 5.3 to 6 feet tall riders
  • 26 inch rigid and knobby rubber tires
It has a carbon steel frame that is both durable and lightweightThe pedals are of poor quality and may come loose from their mountings
The shape of the frame provides excellent rear suspensionAdjustments are also required for the brake pads
Folding mountain bike with 21-speeds
Fenders are included for the front and rear of the vehicle
Disc brakes with big rotors for thermal management are used on bike
Visually appealing and fashionable


Max4out is one of the most versatile foldable bikes available, and it is designed for adults to enjoy both adventure and everyday riding. This folding bike is a high-quality build, yet it is reasonably priced. 

It is also one of the most affordable models available. It has a durable carbon steel body and full suspension, allowing the user to enjoy any terrain without encountering any difficulties.

Thanks to the quick-release seat post it’s easy to modify the height. To make the seat even more user-friendly, it comes equipped with an ergonomic seat cushion.

Super shock absorbers are also included to improve the ride on rough and uneven ground.

It has two disc brakes that enable ultra-precise braking and a lightweight design.

Columba RJ26A 26 Inch – Lightest Folding Bike

Columba RJ26A lightweight folding mountain bike
The Columba RJ26A is the lightest folding mountain bike in our list at just 34 lbs.

Key Features

  • Durable alloy frame
  • Rear alloy body spring suspensions to provide a smooth ride on rough terrains
  • 26-inch wheels
  • Zoom tracker 327v front suspension
  • 18-speed shifters
  • V-brakes
  • Alloy rims
  • Foldable bearing paddles
  • Alloy kickstand
A sturdy bike that is also lightweightThe brake alignment is a bit off and needs a lot of adjustments
The ZOOM tracker front suspension and the alloy body spring rear suspension make it the best choice for rough terrainShifting is not in sync and needs adjustments
It is also best for urban commuting and leisure riding
It is easy to fold and can be folded within 10 seconds
It features an intuitive frame folding function that makes the bike frame fold itself
The accessories such as front handle stem, silver cap, and PVC bell are included


If you are looking for a quick folding mountain bike for daily use and specifically for shorter trips, Columba 26 inch bike is the right choice for you. 

Columba 26 inch is a well-designed folding bike suitable for both off-road and urban use.

Unlike most folding mountain bikes, this bike can be easily folded within 10 seconds, and it is so compact that it easily fits in the car trunk and other small places. It is, without a doubt, the lightest foldable bike available as it comes in with a net weight of 34 lbs.

Although its aluminum frame is lightweight, it is also sturdy and long-lasting. It rides easily on mountain trails, parks, gravel roads, and camping grounds, thanks to the powerful tires and full suspension.

The assembly and disassembly of various components are uncomplicated.

Eurobike G4 26” Mountain Bike – Best Urban Bike

Eurobike G4 26" Folding Mountain Bike
The Eurobike G4 is great for urban riding.

Key Features

  • Rear derailleurs and shifters for reliable and efficient shifting
  • Dual suspension makes it ride smoothly on the rough terrains.
  • 21-speed shifting system
  • Dual disc brakes for precise stopping
  • Wide and multi-tooth tires
  • Suitable for 5’ 4” to 5’ 9” tall riders
It arrives with 85% assembled partsSome owners have reported faulty gear assemblies
21-speed Shimano brakes make it the perfect bike for rough terrainsSome riders have encountered a problem with shifter adjustment
It has durable stainless steel folding frame
The price is quite reasonable
All tools are included in the package


This Eurobike G4 is a great folding mountain bike. The dual suspensions make it perfect to ride challenging mountain trails. You can call it a beginner’s bike because most of the parts come pre-installed and overall it is user-friendly. 

The technical and mechanical features of this folding bike make it dependable and long-lasting, allowing you to go to your favorite trail every day with confidence.

It is a portable bike that is designed specifically for urban use. You can ride it on rough terrains or go shopping, to the library or college, etc.

This bike is delivered with 85 percent of the components installed. You only have to assemble the front wheel, handlebar, pedals, and seat, as well as inflate the tires.

It features a wide tire with multiple teeth that protect you whether you are riding on paved or dirt roads.

Buying Guide for the Best Folding Mountain Bike

There are a variety of folding mountain bike alternatives available on the market, but not all of them are high quality or include all of the necessary features for a folding mountain bike.

In order to make an informed decision, there are a few factors to consider when shopping for a folding mountain bike.

Following this buying guide will ensure that you end up with a folding mountain bike that meets your unique requirements and preferences.

Benefits of a Folding Mountain Bike

Folding bikes have many advantages over regular bikes.

A foldable mountain bike can be quickly folded up and brought inside to avoid having them stolen or damaged. This is a great benefit when compared to standard two wheelers that would otherwise need to be kept outside and require a solid fixture, bike lock, and chain to secure the bike.

The downside to folding bikes is that they are not as fast on the trails as a traditional mountain bike. Since they use smaller wheels they aren’t as comfortable to ride and can cause additional fatigue on longer rides.

Save Space

The primary advantage of a folding mountain bike is that it can be stored in smaller spaces such as the corner of a closet, under the bed, and so on.

After loading the folding MTB into the trunk of your vehicle on a trip, you still have plenty of room for other items.

Folding bike stowed under table
Bikes can be folded and neatly stowed.


Another advantage of a lightweight folding mountain bike is that it is portable. You can easily transport them from one location to another because of their compact size and light frame.

It easily fits in the trunk of even small cars, allowing you to explore many beautiful mountain trails.

Fun to Ride

Riding foldable mountain bikes is just as enjoyable as riding regular mountain bikes. These bikes include front and rear suspension, multi-speed shifters, and massive tires with dual disc brakes, just like any other bike.

Types of Folding Mountain Bikes

One unique and common feature in all folding mountain bikes is that they fold. However, there are different styles within the folding bike category.

Some of the different types of folding mountain bikes are listed here.

Half or Mid

Half folding bikes (also known as mid folding bikes) fold in half. They fold horizontally, so both wheels face each other, and the frame folds too.

There is a hinge in the center of these bikes that fold with a quick-release folding mechanism.

Half-folding mountain bikes are compact and easy to transport with one hand.


As the name suggests, these folding bikes fold vertically, thus making them the polar opposite to the half/mid folding bikes that fold horizontally.

These bikes also have a vertically collapsed hinge that is often situated right in the middle of their frames. A vertical folding bike is also likely to have a quick-release mechanism on the seat and handlebar posts.

Compact vs Full Size

The compact folding bike has smaller wheels (16” or 20″) than a full size folding mountain bike which has 26″ to 27.5″ wheels (like those pictured above). 

man riding compact folding bike in the city.
Compact folding bikes have these smaller wheels meant for commuting.

Compared to their big-wheeled counterparts, compact folding bikes have additional advantages, such as they require even less storage space and are more portable than full suspension folding bikes.

Compact bikes are often suitable for airline travel.

The downside to compact folding bikes is that they are unlikely to have the same features as full-size folding bikes. One such feature is that you aren’t likely to find a good bike that includes full suspension. Or at least, not a very good one.

Without the bigger tires and the dual suspension system you most likely won’t be taking a compact bike off-roading very often. Stick to urban riding and commuting if you’re looking for a compact bike.

What To Look For In A Folding Mountain Bike?

The following are the key elements to look for in a high-quality folding mountain bike.

Efficient Folding System

One crucial aspect to consider in a folding mountain bike is the folding mechanism.

Look for the pivots or hinge points on the bike model you’re interested in. Some foldable mountain bikes have a quick-release mechanism and a clip fastener that allow them to be folded in a short amount of time.

Folded Dimensions

The compactness of the bike is accurately represented by its folded dimensions.

folding bike dimensions
Folding dimensions
Image Source: Eurobike

The primary benefit of purchasing a folding mountain bike is its portability. And if your folding mountain bike won’t fit in tight locations or the trunk of your car, it’s pointless to purchase one in the first place.

Braking System

There are three types of braking systems available, rim or v-brakes, mechanical disc brakes, and hydraulic disc brakes.

The rim brake is not robust and does not provide a powerful and precise braking experience. On the other hand, the mechanical discs are efficient, economical, and offer strong braking power.

The hydraulic brakes are better than mechanical disc brakes in terms of performance, but they are also more expensive. They also are a bit more involved than the mechanical brakes when it comes to maintenance and installation.

The Drivetrain

The drivetrain is another crucial feature to look for in a folding mountain bike. You’ll want to consider how pleasant and efficient the ride will be and how you’ll use the bike most often.

Examining your foldable mountain bike’s cranks, gears, and chainrings is necessary before buying it.

Many brands of folding mountain bikes use Shimano gear sets in their products. Shimano tends to maintain moderate and budget-friendly pricing and does so without sacrificing quality.

You should determine how many gears you’ll need on a regular basis. A high gear allows you to go downhill smoothly, while a low gear is ideal for climbing.

You must ensure that the chainring is strong enough and will not break while riding off roads.

Moreover, there are bikes available with 18-speed shifters and 21-speed shifters. You can choose which one is best for you and your preferred usage.

The Material Of The Bike Frame

The two types of materials used to build the bike frame are stainless steel and aluminum.

Stainless steel is long-lasting, but it is heavy. On the other hand, the aluminum frame is durable and lightweight, but they are more expensive than the steel frame.

If you want to have a folding bike that is durable and portable, then the aluminum frame bike is the best choice.


Comfort is also an essential aspect of riding a bike. Hence, you should buy a folding mountain bike with a high-quality suspension, saddle, and grip handle.

You should go for a bike that has a full suspension system (fork suspension in the front wheel and spring suspension on the rear wheel) so that you can have a comfortable ride on bumpy and rough roads.

A padded saddle also aids in providing comfort when riding and reducing tension in the lower back.

When riding off-road, a grip handle with texturized designs might assist in maintaining a firm grasp on the bike.


There are so many options available, and it is difficult to narrow down your list of the best folding mountain bikes. However, before you put your heart and soul into one, ensure that you have completed all of your research.

Consider your requirements, and then choose the folding mountain bike that best meets your needs from a selection of options. We hope that this article will also be helpful to you in your search for a folding mountain bike to purchase.

If we had to select only one, we believe the Xspec CRS804605 is the best foldable mountain bike of the bunch. When it comes to the price and the quality, this product is difficult to compete with. It is constructed of high-quality steel at a low cost.

However, you will be the one to make the final decision. With the availability of numerous folding mountain bike models, you should not let a lack of available space prevent you from enjoying a bike ride on trails and exploring nature.


What is the lightest folding mountain bike?

Aluminum folding bikes with smaller wheels are lighter than steel folding bikes with larger wheels.

How to find the best folding mountain bike?

To find the best folding mountain bike all you have to do is look for specific features such as a folding mechanism, pivots, hinges, gears, suspension, quick release mechanism, powerful brakes, and clip fastener.

Are folding mountain bikes safe?

Like any other bike, folding bikes are just as safe to ride on a road or mountain trails. Manufacturers put folding bikes through extensive safety and design testing to guarantee a safe ride.

Are folding mountain bikes capable of climbing uphill?

It depends on your leg strength and the number of gears your bike has. If you go for a fixed-gear folding MTB, you’ll have a more challenging time tackling rugged uphill terrain. Those with 18 – 24-speed options are preferable.

Are folding mountain bikes capable of going for long distances?

Some high-end brands perform exceptionally well on long-distance rides since they are designed for durability and stability.

Which is better, folding mountain bikes or standard-size MTBs?

A tremendous folding mountain bike can still do everything a standard-size MTB can.

Standard-sized mountain bikes are more expensive upfront and take up more room. On the other hand, folding mountain bikes have smaller wheels and they tend to be more affordable and portable.